Acute Calcific Tendinitis

I had been experiencing discomfort in my right upper arm for several months, especially if I lifted my arm above my head; the sensation when I lowered my arm was very painful.

It was a normal Monday, my arm had been aching slightly more this day but in the evening I experienced an excruciating pain in the upper outer aspect of my right arm. The pain was unbearable; I was unable to relieve the pain with strong painkillers. I was unable to go to bed that night as it was far too painful to lie down; I spent the night on the sofa and did not sleep at all. I was unable to move my arm at all.

The following morning I rang my GP surgery but was unable to get an appointment that day. In desperation I made an appointment with a physiotherapist and saw her later that day. She was not able to assess me as I was in too much pain, the slightest movement or touch to my arm was excruciating. I went home and had another very bad night on the sofa with absolutely nil sleep.

I was lucky to be able to secure a GP appointment the following morning.

My GP informed me of his suspected diagnosis and advised that I needed to see a consultant as soon as possible. He prescribed me very strong pain killers and sleeping tablets and prepared a referral letter for me.

I was very fortunate to get a cancellation appointment to see Prof. Levy the following day. I slept on the sofa again that night but did manage to get some pain relief for approximately 2 hours at a time after taking my pain killers.

I saw Prof. Levy the following day; who diagnosed the cause of my problem immediately and confirmed this with an ultrasound scan. He informed me that I required my shoulder joint injecting with a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid which he did during the consultation. Following the injection I started to experience almost immediate relief, I could not believe how quick I started to feel the relief! I went to bed that night after 3 sleepless nights and slept like a log!

Over the next few days my arm improved gradually and within a week I can honestly say that my arm felt about 90% recovered and I returned to work. I felt very fortunate to get my appointment so quickly. The care and service I received was second to none! The prompt diagnosis, treatment and care I received saved me from prolonged time off work and prevented me from experiencing unnecessary excruciating pain for which I will be eternally grateful!!

Julie Tickle
Age 39

Case - Mrs JT

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