Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression

My Experience at The Capio Reading Shoulder Unit

Having just completed a course of treatment at the Reading Unit, I feel that it would be helpful for others if I were to explain my experience – from a patient’s viewpoint.

I had suffered with shoulder pain for about 6 months, and after many sessions with a local physiotherapist was making no progress. My first visit to the Reading Shoulder Unit identified the problem as Subacromial Decompression – a technical term meaning pressure on the upper bone.

My specialist said that cortisone injections could be successful – and they did give immediate relief – but after about 2 months I was back again, and it was decided that an operation was needed.

Dates were arranged very quickly, and I was notified that a visit during the week before the op would be useful. This indeed was very useful, and the Capio Physiotherapist gave me a full explanation of the upcoming procedure. At this time I was not really aware of what was going to happen and this visit put my mind at rest – I recommend attending!

On the day of the operation, all went to plan with an early start to check in at the hospital at 7.00am, but by 4.00pm my wife was collecting me to go home. At that time the pain was numbed with the anaesthetic, but I was comfortable and had a reasonable nights sleep. I was told not to wear the sling – if possible – and indeed it was never used. During the following two/ three days I was at home recovering, but able to carry on doing light tasks. I took 5 days off work – and was unable to drive – but otherwise I was very pleased with the outcome.

During the following week I returned to the Capio, to see the Physiotherapist and I found this recovery exercise invaluable. The staff are hard taskmasters, but have a professional and caring manner. The follow on visits – about 4 in all – really did help me recover very quickly.

After returning to work, the most difficult movement for me was driving, but within about 7 days that became much easier. After 2-3 months all movement was back to normal, and the pain has completely gone. In summary, I found all staff and specialists at the Shoulder Unit very attentive and understanding. If others have a similar problem to mine then I would say that you should not be concerned, and I felt that the whole experience was handled in a very professional manner.

Good Luck.........and thank you Capio!

Mr D B
March 2008

Case 1 - Mr DB

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