How to Build Your Simple and Cost-effective Arthroscopic Skills Simulator

Abstract: Acquisition of arthroscopic skills is not always easy and can be time-consuming. Simulation in arthroscopy improves surgical skills and can bridge the gap between reduced surgical exposure and training time and the need to reach a required level of competency. We propose a method to create a simple and cost-effective arthroscopic skills simulator using readily available materials and a low-cost Web camera available from online shops. This arthroscopic simulation device can be used to improve skills of all levels of trainees at home, in a bioskills laboratory, or in the theater. It can also be used by experienced surgeons to train with instruments and devices before using them for the first time in theaters, thus ensuring safe use and improving patient safety. Further validation as a training tool is needed and should be the focus of additional research, but early results are very promising.

(Arthroscopy Techniques, Vol 5, No 5 (October), 2016: pp e1039-e1047)