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This section has been added to enable us to provide patients with a more complete overview of the surgical and rehabilitation experience. It comprises letters from patients regarding their overall surgical experience, and supplements the information provided by the medical team...a bit like talking to someone who has undergone a similar treatment to one that you may have been recommended. We hope the patients' viewpoint is useful to you and would appreciate any similar feedback, which may be put onto the website for the purpose of patient- assisted consent.

  • Copeland Surface replacement arthroplasty

    Copeland Surface Replacement Arthroplasty

    What caused my shoulder to deteriorate is something which, despite interrogation by various specialists of which the CID would have been proud...

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  • VERSO Reverse shoulder replacement

    VERSO Reverse Shoulder Replacement

    My right shoulder, which is my dominant arm, had troubled me for many years. I am now 74 year old and had visited my doctor on many occasions...

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  • Frozen Shoulder Manipulation

    Frozen Shoulder Manipulation

    I first noticed a problem with my left shoulder during a house move in June 2007. There was also a shooting pain when I made certain...

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  • Acute Calcific tendinitis

    Acute Calcific Tendinitis

    I had been experiencing discomfort in my right upper arm for several months, especially if I lifted my arm above my head...

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  • Rotator cuff repair

    Rotator Cuff Repair

    We both underwent arthroscopic day surgery in Reading for a rotator cuff shoulder repair having previously worked together...

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  •  Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression

    Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression

    Having just completed a course of treatment at the Reading Unit, I feel that it would be helpful for others if I were to explain...

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Verso TSA for cuff arthropathy

  • Verso TSA for cuff arthropathy

    Verso - Reversed Total Shoulder Replacement for Arthritis with Severe Rotator Cuff Tear

    My name is Michael Heffernan and, at the time, I was 41 years old with a wife who has Multiple Sclerosis and a baby daughter...

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  • Verso TSA for cuff arthropathy

    Verso TSA in Patient with Arthritis and Massive Rotator Cuff Tear with Progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

    When I was first diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) it was a relief to have a name to put to all the strange...

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Written Testimonials

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    Comments: Dear Prof. Levy,

    You asked me several weeks ago to write a few words re my experience with having a Verso shoulder operation performed by your goodself! Here goes ...................

    I have had Osteoarthritis since the early 1980's and have had two total knee replacements. Originally, several years ago, I suffered from a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. I was operated on by Mr. Stephen Copeland at The Reading Shoulder Clinic, but unfortunately the operation wasn't the success story either of us had hoped for and I was left with less pain but still not 100% pain free. Over the next few years my shoulder was giving me progressive pain and in 2011 the pain had become quite severe. I eventually had pain 24/7 and had less and less movement due to how much pain it caused. I couldn't stand to leave it hanging down or supported in a sling, not even sleeping helped, whatever I did, the pain was getting worse!

    I saw Prof Ofer Levy in October 2011 and it was decided I should have some form of shoulder replacement. The choice was either The Copeland Shoulder or indeed Prof. Levy's own invention, The Verso. After X rays, Prof. Levy thought I would probably have The Verso but he would make the final judgement once he had opened the shoulder. The three weeks prior to the operation, I was on morphine~ knocked me out but allowed me some sleep and rest bite.

    Post operation, waking up in my room, I was told all had gone to plan and it was The Verso as my shoulder was "blown"!! I was in an all singing and dancing sling for a few of days and smaller one after my first post op appointment. The Physio came and saw me and started me on the initial "easy" exercises. The arm felt heavy and I felt I needed to gingerly support it at all times. I spent two nights in hospital and then was sent home with a sheet of exercises that had been given to me by the Physio. Obviously no driving for about 12 weeks ~ that was the worst (and most frustrating!) limitation. No more morphine, only some tramadol to help with the initial discomfort.

    Starting gently, but diligently, I carried out the exercises. The pain was soooo much less than before the operation and the thought of it getting less and less kept me going when sometimes the thought of lifting a weight up and down, using a red elastic band attached to the door, etc., etc., seemed like a pain in the a**e! When I had my stitches removed, my exercises continued but in water ~ so much better. Initially, I overdid the swimming (against a jet stream)and the shoulder did ache but with the Physio's advice I slowed the swimming down and have gradually extended the time/strokes. I continued to see the Physio about every two weeks and I was eventually signed off on my own cognizance. Slowly, but surely, the discomfort has become less and less. Exercise is the key to the best recuperation ~ you just have to do it!

    It is now nine months since the operation and I cannot believe how good the shoulder feels and what I can now do ~ EVERYTHING!!! I still swim everyday and still do some of the water exercises to warm up first ~ (this is from someone who truly hates exercises!) and I really do believe this has helped so much towards my recuperation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Prof. Levy's Verso ~ if I needed the same on my right shoulder, I would go straight away to him and agree to the procedure, without even thinking!

    A true success ~ thank you Prof. Levy!